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Fluid simulation

Position based dynamic(PBD), Unity


Implement state-of-the-art

(specifically fluid simulation(cloth, water, or hair), GPGPU/compute shader)

in Unity


Aug 29, 2022 to Dec 9, 2022. 9 hours per week, 13 weeks.

Weekly Blog

Week one: Fresh start


Based on my goal, I research the recent Siggraph papers and decide to make this project. Hope it would a semester with joy and meaning!


Recall the content about particle simulation, implicit/explicit Euler method, Lagrangian /Eulerian approach.

Research the papers about PBD.

Read [Müller et al. 2006] Position Based Dynamics, [Macklin et al. 2013] Position Based Fluids.

Week 1

Week Two: Recall

For week two, I read some projects on GitHub and recalled the knowledge to Unity Shader. 

My project would consist of 3 parts

  1. particle simulation(Algorithm part)

  2. rendering the water(Shader part)

  3. interacting with the water

This would be the work for the next 3 weeks

Week 2

Week 3-4: Compute shader in unity & GPU Instancing

Compute shaders in Unity closely match DirectX 11 DirectCompute technology. As a start, I use texture coordinates as random seeds to build a noise texture.

Week 5: Compact hashing-based neighborhood search algorithm

There are many neighborhood searching algorithm

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