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Introduction to other projects

1. My bachelor degree's work "Chatbot under VR - how to enhance the conversation experience"

2. Game analysis essays

01 Bachelor degree's work
01 Bachelor's thesis


Chatbot under VR - how to enhance the conversation experience


2018.12 - 2019.4

Related technologies

Natural language process, Neural networks framework, spoken dialogue system, emotion analysis


Voice dialogue is widely regarded as the most natural way of interaction between human beings and machines. The development of voice dialogue robots has great potential in a number of fields. At the same time, virtual reality technology is also a comprehensive technology gradually rising and developing, involving audio-visual entertainment, medical, education and other fields.

My work

I implemented a spoken dialogue system in a virtual reality environment of Unity as follows:

First, develop a neural network model under the seq2seq deep learning framework with attention mechanism, and add the pre-trained personality information to it. This model can extract specific speaking styles, then integrate all the information, generate interesting and informative responses. A whole conversational system was trained and completed in this process. Players can chat with this robot freely in text.

Secondly, this chatbot was expanded to be a spoken dialogue system under the VR environment of Unity, and a small testing virtual reality game environment was developed. Players can have a voice chat with the chatbot as well as observe the change of player's and AI's "emotions" -  joy, fear, sadness, anger, and confident.

All of these can keep users engaged in the conversation system, enhance the conversation experience. It also guides the generation of intriguing and informative lines of the chatbot.

Nov 2019

Game Design

​​Individual Work

02 Game analysis essays
02 Game analysis essays

General analysis

full moon2.jpg

01 Night of full moon

Disadvantage analysis


02 Auto chess

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03 Plague Inc.

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