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Fluid simulation

Position based dynamic(PBD), SPH, Physics-based fluid simulation in Unity

2D PBD Cloth implemented in CPU

3D PBD Water using GPGPU to optimize

Intro to PBD algorithm


Overall structure

1. Simulation (Eg. Use gravity only)

     v += gt

     x += vt

2. PBD

Projection() depends on the specific constraint

     new x = Constrain(x)

Update velocity and position

     v += (new x - x)/dt

     x = new x

For Cloth (Jacobi solution)


Projection/Constrain function for cloth

For Water: SPH algorithm(Based on PBD)

  • For every particle i

    • Calculate the predicted velocity and position

      • Only apply gravity and damping, assume mass = 1

        • v += (Gravity - Damping)*dt

        • pos += v*dt

  • Compute the neighborhood set.

  • Using the neighborhood, compute density -> pressure as a constraint.

  • Update the position and velocity

  • Calculate the viscosity and update the velocity

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